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What is Early Case Resolution (ECR) for a VOP in Sarasota and Manatee Counties?

Early case resolution (ECR) is a court hearing held in front of a judge. Generally these hearings happen once a week in front of a series of rotating judges. ECR's are only for those facing a violation of felony probation. They are intended to expedite (or speed up) the resolution of felony VOP's.

ECR's can be beneficial for an individual facing a felony VOP. Generally, a person is brought before a judge the week that they are arrested. This gives the individual an opportunity to quickly resolve the VOP and be placed back on probation or even terminate the probationary period. Also, since most felony VOP's come with a zero bond, it may be the only opportunity for a person to get out of jail with a VOP pending.

ECR's are not beneficial to every individual however. There are few circumstances in which a person will not even be brought before a judge for ECR's. If the person has been classified as a "violent felony offender", the jail will not transport that individual for ECR's because of the special hearing required under Florida law. If the violation of probation is a result of a new law violation, misdemeanor or felony, it is unlikely the judge or state will be willing to deal with the VOP at an early case resolution. If the state reviews their file and feels that the person, for any reason, is not appropriate for ECR's, they may decline to make an offer.


If you are facing a felony VOP, it is important to hire an attorney quickly before your ECR date. Many times this is the point where the state will give their best offer in an attempt to quickly resolve the case. It is important for an attorney to get the ear of the prosecutor quickly to work out the best deal possible. If you or someone you know will be or has been arrested for a felony VOP, do not hesitate to call Soler & Simon at (941)444-5128 for a free consultation.

We have helped hundreds of people facing felony VOP charges in Sarasota and Bradenton, FL. Please visit our Violation of Probation page to learn all about our VOP defense strategies and how we can help you.

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