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What is speedy trial in Florida?

If you have ever faced criminal charges or have been to a criminal court appearance, you have likely heard the term "speedy trial". While this term is regularly discussed in criminal proceedings between attorneys and judges, it is rarely explained to those actually facing criminal charges. This latter fact is quite unfortunate since speedy trial is one of the most important rights that one has.

So what is the right to a speedy trial? Speedy trial is the right to have a trial within a relatively quick time period. For misdemeanors the period is 90 days; for felonies it is 175 days. Time starts counting when you are arrested. The State must bring you to trial within that time period, or your attorney may move to dismiss the charges.

Due to the complicated nature of many charges, attorneys will often waive the speedy trial period and go beyond the limitations. Attorneys will have many reasons to waive speedy trial such as need for motion time, depositions, and discovery.

If you have been arrested and are facing charges, your speedy trial time is counting down. It is important to call us at (941) 444-5128 to retain an attorney immediately.

To read more about our criminal defense law firm and how our attorneys help people facing criminal charges, visit our page here.

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