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I cannot do supervised release, help!

If there are terms and conditions that the judge ordered as part of your supervised release (SPR) and you cannot complete them, do not panic. We may be able to help.

At first appearance, the judge has very little time to familiarize himself or herself with you and the facts of your case. Sometimes the judge may "play things safe" and order conditions that may later be too burdensome for you to comply with.

For instance, ordering someone to complete random urinalysis 3 days a week can be very detrimental to a person trying to maintain a full time job. Likewise, if one has been ordered to have no contact with a significant other, and contact is necessary to pay rent and bills, a person may risk losing their home.

The judge assigned to your case needs to be made aware of the fact that the conditions of supervised release are proving to be impossible to comply with. This is typically done by scheduling a hearing before the judge and explaining the reasons why he or she should grant your wishes and modify the terms of your supervised release.

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