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Is there a difference between a criminal defense lawyer and a DUI lawyer?

Many lawyers, in cities across the U.S. and especially in Sarasota, advertise themselves as "DUI attorneys". This will often lead to confusion from individuals looking for an attorney. Do these "DUI attorneys" have some special training, license, or knowledge?

The simplest answer is there is no difference between a criminal defense lawyer and a DUI attorney. Any person that is licensed by the Florida Bar may handle a DUI case and/or any other criminal case. There is no special license or training required to handle DUI cases. However, there are many programs, seminars, and training opportunities for lawyers to further learn the ins and outs of the charge of DUI. Attendance at these classes or seminars does not necessarily guarantee you will get better representation by an attorney that attended one.

If there is no difference between a standard criminal defense attorney and a DUI lawyer, then why do attorneys advertise as DUI attorneys? The answer is largely due to the prevalence of DUI arrests; this is especially true in Sarasota. DUI charges are also unique because they tend to be one of the few charges that almost anyone from any background can get. Given this, attorneys want to make it known that they defend against DUIs.

The attorneys at Soler & Simon have extensive experience with DUI charges. We are in the unique possession of having experience on both sides of a DUI. We know what the State wants and what the State is looking for. We also know the ins and outs of the available defenses for DUI charges. This combination of experience ensures that by hiring us, you are in the best possible position when dealing with a DUI charge. For a free case analysis, call us at (941) 444-5128.

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