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Arrested for DUI? The jail video may save you.

If you are arrested for DUI the arresting officer may, or may not, video record you. (This will usually depend on whether the arresting officer has a vehicle equipped with video recording equipment.) You would be surprised how often an officer will notate in the police report damning evidence of horrible performance on DUI field sobriety exercises when the person looks great on the DUI video!

So what can be done if there is no video of the field sobriety exercises and you believe you did well? Your DUI arrest may or may not have been recorded but you will be recorded in the Sarasota County Jail.

There are cameras throughout the Sarasota County Jail, from the jail sally port (the garage), the booking area, to the Intoxilizer (breath test) room. The jail video is allegedly recorded over frequently, so it is necessary to request a copy of your jail video within 30 days of your arrest.

If you look great on the jail video--you're walking straight, not swaying, appear to be following directions, etc.--then this video can be shown to the jury as evidence that you were not intoxicated. If the officer did not record your field sobriety exercises than this will likely be the only video evidence introduced at trial, and it will be from the defense!

If you do not wish to go to trial, the jail video may be used during plea-bargaining to try to get you a better deal.

Contact an attorney with Soler & Simon at (941) 444-5128 to order your jail video and review your DUI case.

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