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I Was Charged With DUI In Sarasota, Do I Need to Pay The Traffic Tickets I Received?

If you hire us to represent you for your DUI, we can file a motion to consolidate the traffic citations into the DUI case. If the judge grants the motion, the clerk will add your traffic citations to your criminal case. In other words, it will be moved from traffic court into criminal court and heard with the DUI.

If the traffic citations are merged and later dismissed, you don't have to pay them

Also, if there is a D6 suspension of your driver's license because you haven't paid the tickets, the judge may grant an order setting aside the D6 suspension pending the resolution of your criminal case. When your criminal charges are resolved the judge will either assess a fine and points OR merge and dismiss the traffic citations. If your citations are merged and dismissed, you will not have to pay them.

Traffic citations can be merged with charges other than DUI. Although it is common to receive traffic citations with a DUI, you can also receive citations with other criminal driving charges like driving while license suspended/canceled/revoked (DWLS), no valid driver's license, and reckless driving. You can also usually consolidate your traffic citations with these charges.

Call us to schedule a free consultation

The attorneys at Soler & Simon have handled hundreds of criminal traffic cases. We will review your case and file all the necessary motions to consolidate your traffic citations with your criminal charges and ask the judge to merge and dismiss your citations so you do not have to pay them. Call us at (941) 444-5128 for a free consultation and case analysis. Visit our Driving Under The Influence page to learn more about DUI cases and how our attorneys defend them.

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