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How do I early terminate my probation?

Can I get off probation early in Sarasota?

One of the most common questions people have when considering probation is how long do I have to be on probation? Early termination is usually a possibility. The conditions that must be met before early terminating probation will differ depending on the case.

There are generally two different ways in which probation can terminate early. One way is when early termination is part of the initial sentencing and there is an agreement that the probation will terminate automatically upon certain conditions. Automatic termination will generally be conditioned on all conditions being complete and being on probation for at least half the ordered time period. If these conditions are met, then the probation will terminate without needing to contact the court.

The other way in which to terminate probation early is to file a motion with the court. A hearing will be held where the judge will listen to your reasons on why you should have your probation terminated. This is typically done after you have completed half of the probation and completed all of the terms. The prosecutor (and sometimes your probation officer) will be there as well to tell the judge their opinions. The judge will then make a determination if your probation should be terminated.

Please contact us with any questions or if you would like us to file a motion to early terminate your probation and have us represent you during your early termination of probation hearing.

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