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Sarasota First Appearance Attorney for Domestic Battery and Domestic Violence Cases

If one is arrested for domestic battery in Sarasota County, that person's bond will automatically be set at $0. This means that the person will not be able to bond out of jail, but will first have to go before a judge for a first appearance hearing.

Should there be a bond? If so, what amount?

At first appearance the judge will determine whether to set a defendant's bond and, if so, in what amount. It can be very valuable to hire an attorney to represent one at first appearance. An attorney can convince the judge to set bond at a reasonable and affordable amount, or in some cases convince the judge to allow the person to be released without paying a bond (referred to as ROR--released own recognizance).

A first appearance attorney can work to get the best possible results

First appearance in Sarasota Count usually moves very quickly. Oftentimes there will only be a couple of minutes spent on each defendant. One of the main benefits to hiring a private attorney at first Appearance is that a private attorney can provide Individualized attention. As opposed to one public defender handling all of the first appearances for the day (sometimes 50 or more in Sarasota County), a private attorney can focus only on the individual client.

Specific facts can be brought to the Judge's attention, for instance facts involving the defendant's employment, family members, living situation, or even specifics about the case and arrest, can influence a judge in setting a reasonable bond.

Call Soler & Simon for a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney

To speak to an attorney about hiring for a friend or loved one's first appearance call (941) 444-5128. We offer free consultations and will gladly discuss your specific situation and work with you to attempt to get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible.

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