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What Happens after Someone is Arrested for Domestic Battery in Sarasota, FL?

When someone is arrested for domestic battery in Sarasota, FL they are brought to the Sarasota County Jail to be processed and booked. Typically, an individual arrested for domestic battery will have their bond automatically set at "$0 bond" (this means there is no bond available).

If there is no bond available, how can the person get out of jail?

Usually within 24 hours after arrest, if one has been unable to bond out of jail, they are brought to first appearance. In Sarasota County, first appearance is held at the jail in the second floor "Jail Courtroom." At first appearance the person will be brought before a judge for the purposes of setting bond. The judge will consider many factors, namely a person's ties to the community and whether the person poses a threat to him/herself or others. The judge will also consider the nature of the charges and the facts in the police report and witness statements.

You can hire an attorney to represent you or a loved one at first appearance

It is possible to hire a criminal defense attorney to advocate on behalf of you or a loved one at first appearance. Because the first appearance judge will be setting bond, it is very important that certain mitigating facts be brought to the judges attention when setting bond. Facts that indicate that the person is not a flight risk or a danger to the community and facts that explain or mitigate the persons actions, may convince a judge to set a low and affordable bond or to release the person on their own recognizance (ROR--with no bond needed). In some cases, an attorney can argue that there was no probable cause for the arrest which can result in a judge releasing the person ROR.

How Do I Hire An Attorney For First Appearance?

Call Soler & Simon at (941) 444-5128 for a free consultation and to discuss how to proceed with your Sarasota domestic battery case.

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