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What is the difference between drug offender probation and regular probation?

While the terms of probation can vary from area to area, there are some specialized probation programs that will be given in some cases. One of the more popular types of probation in Sarasota and Manatee counties is drug offender probation. Drug offender probation is only given in felony cases.

Drug offender probation can be recommended with many different charges. Most commonly it is handed out with some charge related to a controlled substance (possession, sale, intent to sell, etc.) However, drug offender probation can also be recommended in cases such as theft, dealing in stolen property, and other crimes where there is an indication the underlying cause for the crime is a drug addiction.

Drug offender probation is similar to regular probation in length, community service, etc. but has some unique requirements that attempt to address a probationer's addiction. The major component of this probation is the mandatory random urinalysis. This is used to ensure the probationer stays clean and helps to monitor addiction progress. Also, many times a curfew will be required. Depending on the level of addiction, counseling and narcotics anonymous meetings may be ordered as well.

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