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What happens if I violate supervised release (SPR) in Sarasota?

If you violate the terms and conditions of your supervised release, the Supervised Release Officer will send an “Affidavit for Violation of Pretrial Supervised Release” to the judge handling your case. The judge will review the allegation(s) in the affidavit and will most likely sign a warrant for your arrest called an “Order Revoking SPR and an Order of Arrest and Recommitment”.

Will there be a bond on the warrant if I violate supervised release in Sarasota?

It is up to the judge whether to set a bond on the warrant if one violates supervised release. If there is a bond amount written on the warrant, then the defendant will be able to bond out of jail (assuming the defendant can afford to post the bond). If there is $0 bond (or no bond at all) then the defendant will not be able to bond out on the warrant.

The judge will choose one of the following on the warrant:

1. The defendant will have a bond amount written on the warrant and then, after being taken into custody, will be brought to first appearance,

2. The defendant will have a bond amount written on the warrant and will NOT be brought to first appearance after being taken into custody, or

3. The defendant will have a bond amount set at $0 (no bond) and, after being taken into custody on the warrant, will be taken to first appearance for a bond review.

An attorney can handle your first appearance

In the event that you are arrested on an SPR warrant it can be very important to hire a criminal defense attorney a soon as possible so that the attorney can prepare to handle the first appearance. Having a private attorney present at first appearance can make the difference between getting out of jail or not being able to get out of jail at all.

Having trouble with the terms and condition of your supervised release? Do not wait until you violate! We can help you. Check this out: "I cannot do supervised release, help!"

Do you want to learn more about first appearance? Here is everything you need to know: What Happens at First Appearance in Sarasota, Florida?

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